Heralds of The Blooddawn

Black Solstice Conjurations

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Spawned From The Thurian Age


"Bronze Effigy of Gorgoneion" (Taken from ARCHAIC CONJURATIONS Demo 2014)

"Fell from The Constellation" (Taken from WARLORDS OF COSMIC SOVEREIGN EP 2015)

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To The Gates of Dawn


(Description by J.Campbell)
Following closely behind the release of the “Combat Alchemist” 7” comes the first full-length LP by Greece’s Dreadful Relic. Entitled “Hyborian Sorcery”—a reference to the mythical age created by the great Robert E. Howard—the album features the band’s self-described Black Mythical Metal in its fully realized form. First Wave Black Metal is the scaffolding the band uses to construct its sound, but in both atmosphere and concept, this album represents more than mere imitation; it signifies a violent rejection of the vacuous and corrupt contemporary world. The most obvious sonic reference point for Dreadful Relic is HELLHAMMER and other progenitors of the Black Metal genre, such as SAMAEL and TREBLINKA—all three of which have been covered on the band’s previous releases. But Dreadful Relic eschew mimicry, instead assembling these building blocks in a manner that is novel and captivating. The skillful songwriting featured on “Hyborian Sorcery” ensures that the album never falters, with each track striking a unique nerve. Intrinsic to Dreadful Relic’s approach is the thematic content of the songs. Commingling a variety of mythical, fantastical, and historical ideas and images, the lyrical content and the conceptual underpinnings of the band are an essential aspect of Dreadful Relic’s alchemy. Casting a gaze toward the ancient world in which gods traversed the same landscapes as their human counterparts—before the corrosive presence of monotheism reduced man to pathetic subordination and groveling to his narcissistic god—Dreadful Relic embody a sense of psychic and spiritual warfare: the ancient spirit grappling with the curse of modern existence. As such, these songs are barbarian battle hymns and berserkers’ anthems, prideful calls to arms and stoic displays of might. There is a juxtaposition between the visceral and the transcendent in Dreadful Relic’s music. Listening to “Hyborian Sorcery,” one hears boots on the ground guided by a celestial consciousness. Atavistic and tribal, Dreadful Relic’s sound invokes the ritual purity of blood-bound oaths and the anguished whispers of ancestral voices. Complementing the music on this album is the magnificent cover art by Thomas Holm, known for his classic work with Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, and Nifelheim, among others. NWN! is honored to present the vinyl version of this superb album, which will also be released on CD and tape by Frost & Fire Records.

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Ghost of The Usurper


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Beware of The Dogs of War!

DREADFUL RELIC "Hyborian Sorcery"  full-length 2018

Crom's Ruinous Winds
Combat Alchemist
Hyborian Sorcery
Wrath of the Phantom Monarch
Stygian Oath
Runik Citadel
Gravedigger of a Rotten World
Unleash The Dogs of War
Burnt Offering (Tower of Set)
Blackdoom In The Serpent`s Nest

Commando Wolf (bass/Vocals)
Hjarulv Henker (guitars)
Gravedesecrator (drums)
Desolate Wings of The Pagan Dawn (intros)

COVER ARTWORK : Thomas Holm (Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Nifelheim etc)

RELEASE DATE : February 2018

LP (Regular & Die-hard Version) by NWN! PRODUCTIONS

You can listen two tracks here:

Streaming: https://nuclearwarnowproductions.bandcamp.com/album/hyborian-sorcery

Mysterious Alchemical Prelude

Out Now!

DREADFUL RELIC "Combat Alchemist" 7"Single

(Description by C.Conrad)
Through the release of its inaugural “Archaic Conjurations” demo and first EP, “Warlords of Cosmic Sovereign,” DREADFUL RELIC first introduced its concoction of Black Mythical Metal forged in Stygian sorcery.  Now, as a prelude to the release of its debut full-length, to be unleashed in the coming weeks, Nuclear War Now! Productions and Frost and Fire Records jointly present this seven-inch EP, “Combat Alchemist,” which invokes the ancient spirits that first revealed themselves in the Black Metal tradition of yesteryear, with a most notable influence from the great HELLHAMMER and CELTIC FROST.  In addition to the title track, which is a single from the album recordings, and a second original hymn, DREADFUL RELIC pays homage to another of its revered forefathers, SAMAEL, with a reinterpretation of the latter’s Rite of Cthulhu”from the 1991 album “Worship Him.”  As a visual foreshadowing of the full-length, the EP’s artwork features a close-up detail of the image that is to adorn the album’s cover, as imagined and brilliantly executed by a legendary Heavy Metal artist of the 80s “Combat Alchemist” thusly presents DREADFUL RELIC ’s vision of Lovecraftian and Howardian eldritch mythology, alchemically mingled with dark incidents of European history and invoked under the cursed sounds of Ancient Black Metal.

Available now through:


Streaming: https://nuclearwarnowproductions.bandcamp.com/album/combat-alchemist


Crafted between the Summer Solstice and the August Fullmoon eclipse, the recordings of DREADFUL RELIC`s debut album are now finished!
More info in due time....

As a prelude to the album, NWN! PRODUCTIONS, in co-operation with FROST & FIRE RECORDS, will release a 7" Single.
Details are following...


Track List:

COMBAT ALCHEMIST - Track taken from the album
ELDERS OF ANTARKTOS (THEIR GROTESQUE ADVENT) - Track exclusive for this single only
RITE OF CTHULHU (SAMAEL cover) - Track exclusive for this single only

To be released on Samhain of 2017



Warchants echoed in Mediolanum! Thus the debut DREADFUL RELIC gig now belongs to the past....

DREADFUL RELIC would like to salute Il Colonnello and the Hot Shower hard working crew as well as the rest of the bands and everyone else involved to make this a truly memorable event.

Shields are clanged to Camazotz and his gang for the process of purification, and the shivers sent down the spine witnessing this breath-taking stage presentation of the Apocalyptik Antient Noise known as SPEAR OF LONGINUS. Indeed, you are the old-school ya fuckin bastards!

More Dreadful Relic gigs will be announced in future!

The Battering Ram is now marching onwards!
Arrangements have been made and the recordings of the debut album are set for the week before the Summer Solstice.

More info in due time...

The Four Winds Are Howling

Steel Romanticism in The Steel Rose

DREADFUL RELIC Radio Interview in STEEL ROSE broadcast of ROCKMACHINE Radio. With English Subs.

An indepth 2-hour discussion drenched in cursed sounds, odes of black spells, echoes of nostalgia and Traditional Metal hymns!

On the 24th of January 2016, celebrating the 110 years from Robert E. Howard`s birth, STEEL ROSE hosted two members of DREADFUL RELIC, Commando Wolf & Hjarulv Henker.
Discussing themes such as the Metal upbringing in Hellas during the late '80s & early '90s, the introduction to the Black Metal Cult and the early days of the Hellenic scene, the birth and the musical/lyrical influences of DREADFUL RELIC, Heroic and Horror Fantasy literature, Romanticism and Traditionalism vs Modernity and more!


Also, SHIELDHALL updated with two more interviews!

Tyrranical Exultation

Black Hounds of Samhain Night

Sample: Fell From The Constellation

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Galactic Monarchy & Vitriolic Proclamations

The days that followed the summer solstice, DREADFUL RELIC finished the recordings of a new EP. 4 tracks + 1 cover. With its total playtime nearly at 20 minutes. To be released as 12" in the Samhain of 2015 by FROST & FIRE Records.

SHIELDHALL updated with one of the first interviews. An in-depth view into the philosophical and musical foundations of DREADFUL RELIC.

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Sample: Bronze Effigy of Gorgoneion

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